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Yeji Cha-Beach

Yeji Cha-Beach

What do you do when you're not making beautiful music with Camerata Notturna?
I'm an Associate of Marketing and Visitor Services at Carnegie Hall.

Tell us about a fond memory you have of your instrument.
Looking back, and to this day, I love the way violin and music has brought people together in my life rather than just being a vehicle to make music with. I am beyond grateful for all those that I've encountered and continue to build wonderful relationships with.

What is your proudest musical moment?
The process and outcome of my first (and perhaps last) solo violin recital in college.

What does this orchestra mean to you?
Whatever lox, cream cheese, and bagels are supposed to mean to NYC Upper West Siders. Essentially, the world!

What is your favorite Notturna moment?
During my first concert with Notturna: It was a bloody hot summer day (not just from the heat of our sexy, wholesome orchestra, of course) and there was no AC at the venue. Sweat was permeating my pores when suddenly the biggest sweat bead dropped right into my eye. Amidst the burning sensation, my teary, sweaty eyes connected with our conductor, Jonathon, and of course the rest of the orchestra. It was a beautiful moment.

Tell us a random interesting fact about you.
The few words I shared with Notturna members at my first rehearsal: "Hi! My name rhymes with veggie. And also, wedgie!"